Sunday, June 14, 2009

vellore airport

The city does not have a functioning airport of its own, the nearest international airports are Chennai International Airport(130 km), Bengaluru International Airport (200 km) and the nearest domestic airport is Tirupati Airport (100 km). Vellore has an unused airstrip at Allapuram. Proposal to make the airport fully functional by 2010 to allow operation by 45-seater ATR aircraft has been proposed by the government. The Tamil Nadu government has recently announced that it would speed up the construction of terminal buildings and thereby make the airport fully operational by 2010. The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has embarked on an "idle airports activation programme" in the Southern region that includes Vellore. The Vellore airstrip, located on 51.5 acres (208,000 m2), was activated recently to facilitate regular flying by trainee pilots of the Madras Flying Club. The proposed Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Aeronautical science will be shifted from Sriperumpudhur to Vellore.


  1. Are they going to construct Vellore airport? I dont think so that Indian government will do anything. Actually, it can be an operational airport serving people to fly to Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Coimbatore and other southern destinations where train or road travel is long.

    John (Vellorian)

  2. Vellore airport will be functional only by 2015, looking at the pace in which construction works are being undertaken.